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VSN800 Weather Station

Monitoring system for photovoltaic system

Manufacturer ABB

The VSN800 Weather Station automatically monitors site meteorological conditions and photovoltaic panel temperature in real-time, transmitting sensor measurements to the Aurora Vision® Plant Management Platform.
The VSN800 contains the essential environmental sensor set needed for solar monitoring.
The expanded sensor set enables plant management across a broad range of plant sizes.
VSN800 is a companion to the VSN700 
Data Logger, the VSN730 System Monitor, or the VSN750 Plant Manager where it is fully compatible and integrates seamlessly with the Aurora Vision® Plant Management Platform.
Shipped preconfigured and ready for installation requiring no special tools The VSN800 Weather Station is delivered ready for installation and when used requires the installer to
mechanically mount the modules on a user-supplied mast, connect power and communication, and initialize the automatic system commissioning process from the VSN700.
No special software, or on-site calibration is required.
The all-in-one weather station reduces the installation, support and maintenance cost as well as improves the robustness and manageability of the PV plant monitoring solution.
The basic sensor set provides data needed to calculate a performance ratio allowing a plant operator to track solar array performance against expected energy production

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Monitoring system for photovoltaic system VSN800 Weather Station - ABB

Monitoring system for photovoltaic system VSN800 Weather Station - ABB
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