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VSN730 System Monitor

Monitoring system for photovoltaic system

Manufacturer ABB

The VSN730 System Monitor is a high-performance data collection and communication system that is ideal for small to medium commercial PV plant applications.
The VSN730 is the “lite” version of the VSN750 Plant Manager offering a basic set of features at the lowest price possible for a monitoring turnkey solution.
The turnkey solution saves the installer time (and money) by providing several components, prewired and preinstalled in an outdoor rated enclosure. 
It collects data and uploads information over the Internet in near real-time to the Aurora Vision® Plant Management Platform.
VSN730 System Monitor includes quality equipment for reliabile monitoring Included in this system is the VSN700 
Data Logger (-03) which can monitor and provide data management for up to 10 ABB string inverters and one VSN800 weather station. 
It also provides RS-485 surge protection, which on the RS-485 communication lines is a “must have” to offer protection against logger damage in electrically “dirty” environments.
The 277VAC capable input power supply is ideal for commercial installations where only 3 phase 480VAC is easily available and inverter command and control for commercial and utility PV system operation, as well as SCADA integration.
− VSN700-03 Data Logger
− Enclosed in a painted, steel NEMA 4/IP65 enclosure
− 85VAC to 305VAC / 24 VDC, 1A power supply
− Supports 10 ABB string inverters and a VSN800 weather station
− RS-485 surge protection 
− Easy installation

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Monitoring system for photovoltaic system VSN730 System Monitor - ABB

Monitoring system for photovoltaic system VSN730 System Monitor - ABB
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