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Ceramic wall tiles with stone effect

Manufacturer Antonello Finiture

Lapitec® is an innovative “full body” ceramic based product, made in large dimension slabs, which unites aesthetic design appeal and the superior mechanical and physical properties of ceramics with the elegance, colours and typical finishes of natural stone. Our mission is to create additional value by producing high quality products of unequalled performance, with an innovative contemporary or classic elegance design appeal, facilitated by our tireless research and development and by using exclusive technologies and know-how. The Lapitec® slabs are flat with a uniform thickness. This important feature not only facilitates installation work reducing installation times and costs but also enhances the end result and finish. Lapitec® slabs are available in a choice of surface finishes with different friction coefficients making this product ideal for the most diverse architectural and furnishing applications without altering the excellent physical and mechanical properties offered and they are practically maintenance free. Lapitec® is the ideal solution for internal and external cladding requirements for both new and old buildings regardless of their size and is an “excellent” alternative to the more classic natural stone, glass, cement, aluminium and porcelain grês cladding products.

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Ceramic wall tiles with stone effect LAPITEC® - Antonello Finiture

Ceramic wall tiles with stone effect LAPITEC® - Antonello Finiture
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