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Central hanging fireplace

Manufacturer Focus

Agorafocus Collection
This model, considerably larger than the Agorafocus 630, is better suited to larger rooms or spaces with higher ceilings. Its more generous dimensions are enclosed in heat-resistantpyroceramic glass doors, offering a view of the fire from every corner of the room.
Characteristics hearth: diameter 0.85 m, weight 61 kg; standard plate weight: 22 kg; flue: diameter 273 mm, 27 kg/m; Highly heat-resistant matt black paint. The fireplace has 4 pyroceramic glass frameworks including two opening on hinges. Air intake is regulated under each door. Trapdoor for removing ash.
- guaranteed efficiency with a minimum flue length (interior plus exterior) of 4 m.

Focus Catalogues

Central hanging fireplace AGORAFOCUS 850 - Focus

Central hanging fireplace AGORAFOCUS 850 - Focus
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