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Fireplace with panoramic glass

Manufacturer Focus

Edofocus Collection
With its curved heat-resistant glass panels allowing the fire to be viewed from 180°, this model emanates serenity.The wall version of the Agorafocus, this fireplace takes its name - ‘Edo’ - from the forerunner of Tokyo in the 15th - 19th centuries: a city in which this model recently won a bid againstinternational competitors to be installed in 121 deluxe flats. Tokyo has graciously lent its ancient name to the fireplace it elected winner. 
hearth: 47 kg; flue: diameter 219 mm, 16 kg/m (made to measure); highly heat-resistant matt black paint; heat-resistant pyroceramic glass panels.The fireplace can be mounted directly on a wall or fixed to a base. It can be equipped either with a visible vertical flue that exits through the ceiling or with an invisible rear outlet that exitsthrough the rear wall. A built-in heat exchanger passes air from the room or from the exterior through an airtight box. Trapdoor for removing ash for suspended version.

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Fireplace with panoramic glass EDOFOCUS 630 - Focus

Fireplace with panoramic glass EDOFOCUS 630 - Focus
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