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Central closed fireplace

Manufacturer Focus

- The story of fire brought to the screen -The Eurofocus is an open book, proudly exposing its flames in their full splendour. Audacious yet sober, this highly innovative design won the 'Mercure du Design' prize in Paris.
This fireplace comes in two versions: Eurofocus 950: open hearth - Eurofocus 951: sealed hearth
Eurofocus 951: the door has a full glass panel so it is completely closed.A tinted interior glass panel, attached above the hearth, serves as a supplementary inlet. The air for combustion enters through the base and circulates along the lateral walls.This closed fi replace is perfectly adapted to houses constructed for low-energy consumption.

Focus Catalogues

Central closed fireplace EUROFOCUS 951 - Focus

Central closed fireplace EUROFOCUS 951 - Focus
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