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Steel Fireplace Mantel

Manufacturer Focus

Métafocus Collection
Focus develops its range of fireplaces with doors with the Metafocus: works of art in rusted steel (Metafocus 1 and 6) or bronze (Metafocus 9). The sculpted fronts have an individual beauty,revolutionizing the idea of a traditional fireplace. Each unique façade is numbered and signed by Dominique Imbert.The façades consist of either single or double doors that open on side hinges or slide sideways (Métafocus 9) to provide a full view of the hearth. The square, horizontal or vertical frontstransform the fireplace’s functional aspect, either hiding the remains of a dead fire or revealing the mesmerizing magic of a lit one. An interior glass door can be opened or left closed.Note: the façades can also be supplied alone (with a sealing frame), to be adapted to other fireplaces.One-off models can be custom-designed - both the firebox and the sculptured façade - to special dimensions. For those who dare to defy convention, the Metafocus reward with their one-of-a-kind union of functionality and art that exemplifies the spirit of Focus.

Focus Catalogues

Steel Fireplace Mantel MÉTAFOCUS 1 - Focus

Steel Fireplace Mantel MÉTAFOCUS 1 - Focus
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