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Built-in wall-mounted fireplace

Manufacturer Focus

Pictofocus Collection
The quiet power of simplicity guides the design philosophy of the Pictofocuses. The innovative, clean lines of these models avoid any distraction so the fire can take centre stage. With a heightof 1,19 m and 1.45 m, they offer an exceptional view of the flames.
fireplace: Indaten steel firebox ; heat-resistant matt black paint; large, curved heat-resistant glass door allows a maximum view of the fire;lower part of the glass panel left open (250 mm) to permit ventilation and keep glass soot-free; a subframe ensures the free heat expansion of the fireboxNote: The installation professional must include upper and lower air vents.- guaranteed efficiency with a minimum flue length (interior plus exterior) of 4 m. -

Focus Catalogues

Built-in wall-mounted fireplace PICTOFOCUS 1200 - Focus

Built-in wall-mounted fireplace PICTOFOCUS 1200 - Focus
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