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Recessed Coral® spotlight

Manufacturer Buzzi & Buzzi

Technical Collection
The TECHNICAL line is composed of technical recessed products for ceiling and wall that, thanks to the material in which are realized, become integral part of the surfaces where are installed. The lighting elements are completely invisible, without screws or frames, obtaining extraordinary effects of total disappearance and allowing the light beam to become the absolute protagonist.

Jacobox - Recessed flush mount. Can be installed on plasterboard or brick ceilings and wall (see specific instructions for brick). Body in Coral®. Light beam inclinationt:  adjustable +/- 30°. Body dimensions: 150 x 150, h 130/150 mm. Plasterboard hole: 160 x 160 mm. Light emission hole: 90 x 90 mm. Available in the following wirings: dichroic QR CB 51, Halogen QPAR 16, discharge Brite Spot ES50, LED. Optional: Dimmable electronic transformer, electronic ballast or DC electronic ballast.

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Recessed Coral® spotlight JACOBOX - Buzzi & Buzzi

Recessed Coral® spotlight JACOBOX - Buzzi & Buzzi

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