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Welding and gluing

Manufacturer KÖSTER ITALIA

The KÖCO compact stud welding equipment INVERTER TECHNOLOGY 905i and 1805i combine excellent welding characteristics with low weight, minimum size and outstanding performance. Therefore they are the ideal equipment for mobile tasks or stud welding on thin workpieces. 
Welding current setting is infinitely variable, and the selected setting is maintained with high accuracy throughout the welding process. 
Welding time can be set in steps of 1 ms, thus enabling adjustment of the welding energy with an extremely high degree of accuracy. Fusion penetration is kept extremely low in spite of the high current (short cycle stud welding). 
All parameters can be set by turning a sturdy rotary knob with a built-in push-button and can be followed on an illuminated LC display. Up to 20 sets of parameters can be stored (welding current, welding time and shielding gas pre-flow time), which facilitates correct parameter setting in case of recurrent welding tasks. 



KÖCO Inverter stud welding machine

Welding and gluing INVERTER - KÖSTER ITALIA

KÖCO Inverter Bolzenschweißmaschinen

Welding and gluing INVERTER - KÖSTER ITALIA
Welding and gluing INVERTER - KÖSTER ITALIA

Welding and gluing INVERTER - KÖSTER ITALIA
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