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Rectangular iron console table

Manufacturer ICI ET LÀ

design by
Empreintes Huellas Collection
handmade Coffee table - edited in 8 ex. -made to measure

ARENA CONSOLA : art design console, handmade in limited serie piece

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 - Rectangular iron console table EMPREINTES HUELLAS | Console table - ICI ET LÀ Rectangular iron console table EMPREINTES Furniture: the permanent imprint of the short-lived.In the context of the innovation of furniture and the environmental design, the Catalan sculptor Josep Cerdà proposes a new line of author's new furniture, realized from an innovative system of extraction of direct moulds in natural environment, which allows to reproduce the details of mobile and fluctuating aspect of the natural environment: the imprints of the wind and the water on the sand, the various botanical species, the imprints of animals and generally these short-lived marks which appear to the surface of the earth and which never will repeat in a equal way. This furniture sculptures wish to fix the imprint of the short-lived. They are a combination of sheen iron and artificial stone. The finishes are realized with one skate of pigments and natural components. We so underline the differential aspects of the nature by poetic acts. In the nature, there is nothing fixed, everything is in constant change and in movement. For the understanding of this fluctuating space, we have to establish new rules of reading of the nature which allow us to concern a new glance what surrounds us. This author's furniture is realized serial limited by 8 signed copies. It contains: Consoles, Tables, Coffee tables and sideboard. Made to measure: colour (natural pigments) and dimensions. Indoor and outdoor furniture.
 - Rectangular iron console table SORRA CONSOLA - ICI ET LÀ Rectangular iron console table SORRA CONSOLA sheened iron - resine. Dimensions: 184 x 46 x 89 cm.

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Rectangular iron console table ARENA CONSOLA - ICI ET LÀ

Rectangular iron console table ARENA CONSOLA - ICI ET LÀ
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