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Accessory for lift and service lift

Manufacturer IGV GROUP

Lift cars Collection
Each car manufactured by IGV Group complies with standards in force. Starting from this essential requirement, the company has developed a wide range of solutions in order to meet customer’s needs.

The FLEXA line adopts the new patented modular assembling system and has been especially designed to meet special customer needs for cars up to 1,000 kg.
This line solutions include the opportunity to model the car according to special needs, using any kind of material, finish and accessory such us those from Carbon, Chrome and Titanium line or materials upon customer’s choice.
It is ideal for any existing system modernisation as it optimises and streamlines any modernisation work.
The Flexa line matches technology and flexibility without forgoing style thanks to the wide selection of finishes and accessories.

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Accessory for lift and service lift FLEXA - IGV GROUP

Accessory for lift and service lift FLEXA - IGV GROUP
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