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Veneered panel

Manufacturer Cleaf

TRANCHÉ embossing brings further proof to CLEAF’s focus on stylistic and technological innovation. Tranché conveys to the surface the textural feel of natural, raw wood. Its processing brings to light a hand-crafted look, preserving the whirls and loops typical of wood. While still providing a highly functional and hard-wearing material, this embossing strikes the senses with visual, tactile and evocative experience, highlighting the original features of wood. Tranché is produced on faced panels ranging in width from 8 to 50 mm and with a maximum size of 5610 x 2070 mm.This embossing is largely used for interior design such as storage cabinets, partitions, coatings, shelves and in-house doors. 
Veneered panel TRANCHÉ - Cleaf

Veneered panel TRANCHÉ - Cleaf
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