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LEROY | Stool


Manufacturer Boca do Lobo

Soho Collection
Always at the forefront of reinterpretation and upscale design, yet home to extraordinary architectural styles, NYC's Soho takes center stage in this collection. Inspired by the cosmopolitan edge of the neighborhood with a reinterpretation of forms and materials Boca do Lobo's Soho Collection boasts a balance of architectural design and classic appeal. Exquisite woods, traditional techniques, and timeless motifs are applied to our designs creating charismatic pieces that seduce and tempt.

The Leroy is a wooden stool that was elegantly drawn in simple clean lines. A brilliantly crafted wooden sculpture, almost a small work of art, the Leroy is a functional piece that embodies a timeless appeal. It can be used as a stool or a small side table for lateral support of chairs and sofas, and is available in either solid oak or a mahogany and oak mix.


Diameter 30 cm (11,8 in.)
Height 45 cm (17,7 in.)
Weight 26 kg
Cubage 0,09 m3

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LEROY | Stool

LEROY | Stool

Stool LEROY | Stool - Boca do Lobo
LEROY | Stool

LEROY | Stool

Stool LEROY | Stool - Boca do Lobo
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