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Tile adhesive

Manufacturer FASSA

Screeds Line
Binder for fast‑medium drying screeds
FASSACEM is a binder for the preparation of screeds using suitably graded aggregate. The screeds obtained can be used as the substrate, both indoors and outdoors, for wooden, vinyl, linoleum, carpet and ceramic tile floors. It is especially suitable for preparing screeds that require faster drying times, while maintaining similar workability to a traditional screed: for example, a screed made using FASSACEM, mixed in the ratio of 250 kg/m3 to 1800 kg/m3 of dry 0-8 mm aggregate, is ready for traffic after 12 hours; ceramic tiles can be laid after 24 hours, while wooden floors can be installed after around 4 days. Also suitable for screeds enclosing heating coils.
- Special 25 kg sacks with protection against moisture

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Tile adhesive FASSACEM - FASSA
Tile adhesive FASSACEM - FASSA

Tile adhesive FASSACEM - FASSA
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