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Foam and spray

Manufacturer BOSSONG

BCF 750 B3 is a mono-component hardening foam that reacts to humidity. BCF B3 foam can be used for gluing and insulation jobs; for example: assembling door coatings, insulating and sealing window gaps, and in the controlled, workman like filling needed to build windows and blinds. And to fill in joints in outer door coatings and to fill small wall breakages or other cavities with foamed material. BCF B2 is aself-expanding, self-extinguishing, mono-component, ready-to-use foam based on polyurethane. The foam has an excellent hole and depression filling capacity and can be used for sound-proofing and lagging. BCF 750 REI is a mono-component, polyurethane, self-expanding, ready-to-use foam. This foam contains harmless propellants for the ozone layer. The product guarantees effective insulation from smoke and gas,high lagging and sound-proofing, adhesion to most sub-layers. BCF 750 TC aut is a single–component polyurethane assembly foam; this foam is better used to seal and isolate roofing tile; it also adheres to all common building materials such as concrete, brickwork, wood, metals, aluminium and glass. This foam is suitable to fillbreakthroughs in walls and other cavities and has a good sound and thermal insulating capability. 

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Foam and spray BCF - BOSSONG

Foam and spray BCF - BOSSONG
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