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BOSS - 8000

Automatic Nailer

Manufacturer BOSSONG

Approved for use with nails up to 60 - 75 mm. and with magazine up to 35 mm. Automatic self-coking piston. Automatic cartridge advance system. Fully automatic work when nails magazine is used. BOSS-6000 can shoot nails up to 60 mm. Iength, BOSS-8000 up to 75 mm. BOSS-6000 with nails magazine M35 can shoot nails up to 35 mm. Iength. Nails suitable for: KDH, KDHM, KDHC, KDHMC, KD, KDRB 23, KDRB 22, CHS, CHC, KDHR 15, KDHR 22, KDHR 36, GD6, GD8, KDC and KISL, with right piston, guide and base plate. BOSS-6000: Weight 2,60 Kg. - Length 430 mm. BOSS-6000 + M35: Weight 3,40 Kg. - Length 445 mm. BOSS-8000: Weight 2,80 Kg. - Length 440 mm. 

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Automatic Nailer BOSS - 8000 - BOSSONG

Automatic Nailer BOSS - 8000 - BOSSONG
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