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Handmade felt rug

Manufacturer Paola Lenti

Feltro Collection
 The aesthetic and functional characteristics of Paola Lenti’s signature Felt allow for the production of refined and enduring rugs, which are entirely assembled and finished by hand. The different components of the rug, including the designs, are stitched together with threads, without any glue. Furthermore, all stitching threads are accurately and precisely hand fastened. Paola Lenti Felt is moth-proof and is not damaged by humidity. Felt rugs are available in a wide range of solid and chiné colours. The almost tailor-like production, the variety of colours, dimensions and patterns in the collection allow for the design of truly one-of-a-kind rugs, giving the possibility of combining colours, dimensions, pattern placement and types of stitching. For the special rugs, the Company provides both consultancy and the possibility to receive a computer rendering of the rug in reduced scale, to verify the overall chromatic effect and the final result. 

Entirely handmade rugs for interior environments. The historical collection of Felt rugs, one of the cornerstones of Paola Lenti production, is refreshed this year with new colours and patterns. The introduction of new mélange tones is the opportunity to present also new décors; made of several superimposed layers which are sewn together with stitches that outline and embroider the surfaces, Paola Lenti 2012 Felt rugs collection are real masterpieces of handicraft and taste; they are the evidence of how a fabric can turn into a three dimensional surface, when is put into the skilled hands of those who know its characteristics. Some of the new rugs originates from the cooperation with Renato Morganti, who already designed wool rugs for Paola Lenti in 2011.

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Handmade felt rug CONTINUO - Paola Lenti

Handmade felt rug CONTINUO - Paola Lenti
Handmade felt rug CONTINUO - Paola Lenti

Handmade felt rug CONTINUO - Paola Lenti
Handmade felt rug CONTINUO - Paola Lenti

Handmade felt rug CONTINUO - Paola Lenti
Fuorisalone 2016 | PAOLA LENTI - Paola Lenti, Elia Nedkov
Salone del Mobile.Milano 2016 | PAOLA LENTI - DAVIDE GROPPI
PAOLA LENTI | Archiproducts Design Selection - Salone del Mobile Milano 2015
PAOLA LENTI | Paola lenti - Fuorisalone 2014
PAOLA LENTI - I Saloni 2013
Paola Lenti - I Saloni 2012
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