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Bioethanol vent free steel fireplace

Manufacturer ITALY DREAM DESIGN - Kallisté

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Baggie fireplace shows a very original and innovative design created by Massimo Botti. A gentle but safe structure will allow you to enjoy the pleasure of a flame in any room of your home.
The bioethanol fireplace requires no chimney or masonry work to fix it. And it burns an organic alcohol.
Bio Fireplace research and development center designed a burner that optimizes combustion and flame control in compliance with all safety standards. In this way it guarantees a safe product to use even in the absence of a protective glass ensuring a steady flame also in case of air currents.
Baggie tank contains 2.6 liters of alcohol and provides a constant flame duration from 5 to 8 hours depending on its selected intensity.
Made of galvanized iron, resistant to atmospheric agents, it can be used also outside, for example in the garden.
Its dimensions in cm are: L.120 x P.50,8 x H.70,4.
The system is designed to offer high performance using the latest technologies, so that you can take advantage of the heat of fire both at the home and in public. The technology is worldwide patented.
Another important detail: Baggie is equipped with wheels and a handle that allow to displace it throughout the house.

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Bioethanol vent free steel fireplace BAGGIE - ITALY DREAM DESIGN - Kallisté

Bioethanol vent free steel fireplace BAGGIE - ITALY DREAM DESIGN - Kallisté
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