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Screed and base layer for flooring

Manufacturer NORDTEX

Nordtex Series
Volcanic chip leveling Kufos:
Chips size 1 - 4 mm
Mass volume  ~ 450 - 480 Kg/mc
Humidity lower than 2%
Thermal conductivity 0,11 W/(mK)
Acoustic insulation 40-50 dB a 400-3200 Hz
Crashing resistance 3,2 N/mm2
Performance 5 kg/mq/cm
Compression stability 2% per 50 mm
 Fire resistance Non flammable 

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 - Screed and base layer for flooring CALCIX - NORDTEX Screed and base layer for flooring Calcareous chip leveling CALCIX:
chips size 1-4 mm
density on average ~ 1530 kg/mc
thermal conductivity 0,38 W/(m °K)
specific heat 830 J/(kg °K)
light particles percentage MLPC = 0,0%
Water absorption WA24 = 0,1%
Chloride content C = 0,001%
Sulphur content S=0,002%
Carbonate content CO2 = 43,5%
VOC absent
Dangerous stuff absent
Humidity lower than 2%
performance 15 kg/mq/cm
Compressions strenght 0,8% per 50 mm
Fire resistance non-flammable
 - Natural aggregate CEMWOOD - NORDTEX Natural aggregate Cemwood’s new leveling material, made of mineralized woodchips from sustainable forests, has been developed to offer high acoustic and heat insulation properties for floors and ceilings. Cemwood CW 2000 is easy to use, compacts down well and needs neither water or cement. Cemwood is composed by wood chips coated with mineral material. Chips size: 2 - 10 mm. Fire protection class: B2. min/max layer thickness: 10/200 mm. Density: 370 kg/m³. Heat conducivity: λn=0,075 W/mK. Noise reduction: 18 dB. Compression strength: 5,0 kN/m² . 

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Screed and base layer for flooring KUFOS - NORDTEX

Screed and base layer for flooring KUFOS - NORDTEX
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