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Aluminium pergola with sliding cover

Manufacturer PRATIC F.lli ORIOLI

Tecnic Collection
Modulo Sky is the new self-supporting solution with curved profiles cover. Perfectly conceived to shelter wide spaces and provide protection against all weather conditions, it is custom-made to meet your specific needs and can be completed with perimetrical closing panels. Modulo Sky distinguishes itself through the rounded profiles guiding the waterproof shading awning, which offers protections from sun, rain and wind. Modulo Sky is equipped with a structural gutter for a perfect water draining inside the upright poles without extra accessories needed. Modulo Sky can be produced with 4, 6 or 8 upright poles profiles for a total width of 1200 cm with one-cover-structure and a depth of 600 cm with a total usable space of mq 72. Modulo Sky is operated by means of a radio remote control motor. Upright pool profile L. 15 cm. H. 10 cm. Protection hood. Wide choice of colours beside the standard ones. Wide dimensions available. Structural gutter. Fire-resistant, shading, highly stable sheet. Protection from sun, UV-rays, rain and wind. It can be operated with radio remote controls.  Tecnic has been tested through 5000 opening/closing cycles under a 100kg-load which is equal to 15 years of use.

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Aluminium pergola with sliding cover TECNIC MODULO SKY - PRATIC F.lli ORIOLI

Aluminium pergola with sliding cover TECNIC MODULO SKY - PRATIC F.lli ORIOLI
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