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Metal space frame roof structure

Manufacturer PILOSIO

It is a modular provisional covering system with two spacing options, manufactured with beams in aluminium and covering in PVC. TheT74 Building coverings, combined with lateral shields on scaffoldings, are lightweight and functional structures suitable both for the protection of sites from the atmospheric agents, and for preservation of the surrounding environment from the processes that cause losses of material in the air. A protected site is not subject to delays due to bad weather.The aluminum coverings are secured on any type of prefabricated multidirectional scaffolding existing on the market or on structures such as bearing walls or towers with any lifting system.

Further details

• the main structure consists of modular bearing beams in aluminium with double pitch, with an inclination of 15 degrees with frontal size from 8.9 to 22.4 m and longer, connected with rigid braced frame with constant spacing of 2.5 m. The beams are equipped with an upper guide profile to house the frame in PVC. The height of the beam is 74 cm and 110 cm

• uprights, diagonal, bracings and stiffening in aluminium tubular elements with diameter of 48 mm are equipped with a unique quick hooking system patented as QUICK SYSTEM. The uprights and diagonals are placed in a lower position than the coverings to prevent irregularities in the coverage

• PVC coated polyester fabric tarpaulin of 650 g/m2, class 2 fire resistant, provided with lateral curbs for sliding and fastening the guides

• fastening of the sheet to terminal elements of the covering by using a practical systems of pipes and pawl tensioner

• possibility to create vertical infillings fastened on support scaffoldings with the same system used for the covering sheets to obtain a structure completely closed

• the covering of the individual sheets, 2.5 m wide, allows an extreme handling given the reduced weight to be handled allowing a considerable saving of time

• there is the possibility to combine carts with wheels on the tracks for the lateral and cross movement of the covering.

• restoration and archaeological sites

• maintenance of roofs and industrial maintenance

• naval industry

• events

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Metal space frame roof structure T74 BUILDING - PILOSIO

Metal space frame roof structure T74 BUILDING - PILOSIO
Metal space frame roof structure T74 BUILDING - PILOSIO

Metal space frame roof structure T74 BUILDING - PILOSIO
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