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Facing brick

Manufacturer B&B

Facing / Slips Collection
Facing bricks - This simple features of this material are enhanced and it becomes amazingly beautiful. Each brick is the result of technological research into new technical and aesthetical alternatives. The source of inspiration are the colours and finishing touches of the finest architectural periods.  The end result is a very extensive collection that includes a variety of colours, textures and shapes. One can choose between handmade, antique or extruded facing bricks and wall slips. They are the ideal way to transform and enhance the walls of your home, both inside and outside.  These high quality bricks are ice resistant and they are not fluorescent; they have an excellent thermal inertia and are therefore suitable for harsh environments.  The ideal way to make your home more precious. 

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Facing brick ROSÈ - B&B

Facing brick ROSÈ - B&B
Facing brick ROSÈ - B&B

Facing brick ROSÈ - B&B
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