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Natural stone finish

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Stone Collection
Natural Stone - Natural stone was created over thousands of years and therefore it is destined to last forever. The stone blocks are cut to 2 or 3 centimetres thick and the perfectly flat side is ideal for being adhered quickly and precisely. Moreover, the stone weighs less and and less space is required to install it. The stones can be placed in the pleasant so-called “random mix paving” because they come in different shapes and sizes.  They can also be laid in a more regular way, the so-called “stretcher pattern” . The whole range is available in rectangular shapes which gives a perfectly aligned finish. The perimeter edges of each single rectangular stone are hand trimmed with a chisel in order to give the stones a very pleasant appearance.

Giallo Reale cod. 23 - Natural stone finish.

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Natural stone finish GIALLO REALE TR - B&B

Natural stone finish GIALLO REALE TR - B&B
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