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Pellet stove

Manufacturer MCZ GROUP

Pellet Collection
A pellet stove which is particularly suitable for confined spaces, ductable air flows, black painted steel front, white, black and bordeaux ceramic side and top.The AIR and COMFORT AIR versions are equipped with a remote control with thermostat, allowing you t programme on/off times, set the desired temperature, adjust power and ventilation, adjust the flow of air along the different ducts (COMFORT AIR versions only). Relax operating system: This is the solution which foresees a remote controlwith few keys and lots of preset programmes (switch on switch off), suited to those unfamiliar with technological equipment. Moreover, inserted into this remote control is also a room thermostat allowing better temperature regulation and consequently environmental wellbeing for the whole house (not available for models AIR Face/Ego/Star and HYDRO). For programming the stove or fireplace from your armchair, in total relaxation.

MCZ GROUP Catalogues

Pellet stove FLAT - MCZ GROUP

Pellet stove FLAT - MCZ GROUP
Pellet stove FLAT - MCZ GROUP

Pellet stove FLAT - MCZ GROUP
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