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Glass wall/floor tiles

Manufacturer Brecci by Eidos Glass

Luxury Series
Luxury is a prestigious series decorated by hand with the use of precious materials.

Unicolor Jewel - Production of panels, tiles, strips and mosaics for wall covering and floors. DecorationIn the series Unicolor Jewel decorum is made with hand-editing the bottom of the glass with a thin foil of gold, silver, copper or bronze. This finish enhances and enriches the nuances of the molten glass baked at high temperature, characterized by rough bottom and rounded edges, and colored by hand: for this reason possible are possible tone differences from work to work and the range of colors is purely indicative. Base color range is 65 tones: can be requested special colors. For panels and tiles are avilable standard formats: cm 10x30, 20x20 cm, cm 30x30, cm 30x60, 30x90 cm, 60x60 cm. For boards are: cm 5x30, 1,5 x30 and 1,5 x60. The mosaics are mounted on plastic film or mesh with tiles cm 2,3 x2,3 in the square version and 2.3 cm x 9,8 as stick in sheets of 30x30 cm. Other shapes and sizes are available on request. The thickness provided for products are 8 mm for wall covering and 10 mm for the floors, while for the mosaics are available in 4 mm or 8 mm. You can ask other thicknesses for special needs.

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Glass wall/floor tiles UNICOLOR JEWEL - Brecci by Eidos Glass

Glass wall/floor tiles UNICOLOR JEWEL - Brecci by Eidos Glass
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