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Indoor glass wall tiles

Manufacturer Brecci by Eidos Glass

Decò Series
Decò: Panels, tiles and borders handmade with a variety of craft techniques, for furnishings in the best Italian style.

Barocco - Precious floreal interweavings to create a charming room. Panels and wall panels. Decor screen printed by hand in 24 carat gold and platinum and then baked at high temperatures in special ovens, which is why the product has finish soft background blur and rounded edges The coating takes place on the back with special paints catalyzed high resistance which allow the safe installation with adhesives suggested for construction. The series consists of four BAROCCO background colors but can be requested in all the tones of Flat Metal Murano color table or at the specific request of the customer. The BAROCCO series articles are available in sizes 30x30, 30x60 cm. Other formats are not available. The standard thickness is 8 mm: other option available from request. In conjunction with panels and panels are planned strips of border Murano.

Brecci by Eidos Glass Catalogues

Indoor glass wall tiles BAROCCO - Brecci by Eidos Glass

Indoor glass wall tiles BAROCCO - Brecci by Eidos Glass
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