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Y-Pack SE/Y-Pack HE-TCAEY-THAEY 270÷2160

Heat pump / AIr refrigeration unit

Manufacturer Rhoss

Y-Pack Collection
Packaged reversible air-cooled heat pumps and water chillers with axial fans. Range with hermetic Scroll compressors and R410A refrigerant.

Construction features
• Compressor: scroll type, rotary, hermetic complete with thermal protection and crankcase heater.
• 2 or 3 capacity steps depending on the models with high efficiency at partial loads.
Water side heat exchanger: with stainless steel plates, complete with closed cell polyurethane foam rubber insulation and water flow differential pressure switch.
• Air side heat exchanger: featuring finned coil with copper pipes and aluminium fins.
• Fan: electric axial fans with external rotor, equipped with internal thermal protection, protection grilles and proportional electronic device for continuous fan rotation speed regulation (TCAEBY excluded).
• Control: microprocessor electronic control with Adaptive Function Plus logic.
• Structure: load bearing structure made of galvanised sheet steel and painted with polyester powders.
• The unit is also complete with:
- compressor and fan thermal overload switches;
- clock board.

• B - Standard version (TCAEBY).
• T - High efficiency version with a larger condensing section (TCAETY-THAETY). 
• S - Silenced version complete with soundproofed compressor compartment, lower speed fans, and larger condensing section (TCAESY-THAESY).
• Q - Super-silenced version complete with soundproof compressor technical compartment, super-low speed fans and larger condensing section (TCAEQY).

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Heat pump / AIr refrigeration unit Y-Pack SE/Y-Pack HE-TCAEY-THAEY 270÷2160 - Rhoss

Heat pump / AIr refrigeration unit Y-Pack SE/Y-Pack HE-TCAEY-THAEY 270÷2160 - Rhoss
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