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Z-Flow E - TCEVZ 1200÷31630

Evaporation tower

Manufacturer Rhoss

Z-Flow Collection
Cooling only condenserless units. Range with semi-hermetic screw compressors and R134a refrigerant gas.

Construction features
• Compressor: high energy efficiency semi-hermetic screw compressor, with part-winding or star-delta limited start (depending on model) and complete with thermal protection, crankcase heater and compressor discharge shut-off valve.
• Electronic expansion valve: as standard on all models.
• Water side heat exchanger (evaporator): dry expansion shell and tube exchanger with counter-current heat exchange, complete with closed cell polyurethane rubber foam insulation, water flow differential pressure switch and Victaulic connections.
• Control: microprocessor electronic control.
• Structure: in galvanised and painted sheet steel, with polyester powder coating.
• The unit is also complete with:
- clock board for displaying date/time and machine time band management.

• B -Standard version (TCEVBZ).
• I -Soundproofed version with soundproofed compressor cover (TCEVIZ).

• TCEVBZ: unit designed for cooling only.
• TCEVIZ: soundproofed unit designed for cooling only.

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Evaporation tower

Evaporation tower

Evaporation tower Z-Flow E - TCEVZ 1200÷31630 - Rhoss
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