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PBHI 0200-0400

Heat pump

Manufacturer Rhoss

Pump groups with buffer tank.

Construction features
• Buffer tank: in carbon-plated and pre-painted sheet steel, with a 200 or 425 litre capacity.
• Hydraulic components: primary circuit complete with single pump, secondary circuit complete with single standard head pressure pump, storage tank, expansion tank, safety valve, shut-off valves, tank water buffer/drain taps and automatic and manual air bleed valves.
• Heat exchanger: brazed plate exchanger complete with adjustable flow switch (freecooling version only). 
• Control: electromechanical.
• Structure: load bearing structure made of galvanised sheet steel and painted with polyester powders. The panels can be removed in order to allow easy access to the internal components.

• B - Standard version: with single pump for primary and secondary circuit (basic static pressure).
• F - Freecooling version: equipped with indirect freecooling heat exchanger.

• PBHI 0200 B: standard pumping unit.
• PBHI 0400 B: standard pumping unit.
• PBHI 0200 F: freecooling version pumping unit.
• PBHI 0400 F: freecooling version pumping unit.

Factory fitted accessories
• Single secondary circuit electric pump with increased head pressure.
• Double secondary circuit pump with standard or increased head pressure, including one in standby with automatic activation.
• Single centrifugal pump with built-in inverter, able to maintain a constant pressure despite variations in system demands.
• Antifreeze heater 300 W (230V) with activator.

Accessories supplied loose
• Rubber anti-vibration mountings.
• Flexible tubes for connection to the water chiller/heat pump.

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Heat pump

Heat pump

Heat pump PBHI 0200-0400 - Rhoss
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