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VMC-E 015÷100

Heat recovery unit

Manufacturer Rhoss

Fresh air terminal unit with counterflow static heat recovery.

Construction features
• Recovery unit: thanks to a high yield static type heat exchanger with counterflows consisting of flat layers of special paper that allow total heat exchange, thereby recovering both sensitive and latent heat. The air flows are kept separate by specific sealing. 
Maintenance is easily performed on the heat exchanger and filters thanks to the lateral extraction. 
• Fans: fresh air inlet and centrifugal expulsion with BRUSHLESS DC motors that allow higher efficiency to be achieved with respect to traditional motors with an energy saving of up to 60%.
Bypass free cooling: possibility of setting up the free-cooling in mid-season thanks to the relative automatic bypass function.

• KCVE: remote panel with ON/OFF function, speed selection and programmable weekly timer. It is suitable for wall installation on "502" electrical boxes.
• KTLCM: infrared remote control.

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Heat recovery unit VMC-E 015÷100 - Rhoss

Heat recovery unit VMC-E 015÷100 - Rhoss
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