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Floor-standing display unit

Manufacturer VETROVIVO

Exhibitor arranged for the sale of loose pieces packed in boxes of n. 3 pieces each equipped with strong adhesive to attach the pieces on a variety of surfaces, walls etc..The aim is to offer to the visitor the opportunity to purchase items VETROVIVO also in"small doses" experimenting with DIY "do it yourself". The display contains n. 36 boxes with n. 3 pieces/each. Total n.108 pieces. Size of each box cm. 6x6x3. Size of exhibitor cm. 54X52X40. Price of the full Display on request. The standard DISPLAY contains the pieces presented in the picture, it’s possible to choose also different model or colors.

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Floor-standing display unit HOME MAKE UP - VETROVIVO

Floor-standing display unit HOME MAKE UP - VETROVIVO
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