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Built-in fan coil unit

Manufacturer Rhoss

Ductable fan coil units for recessed horizontal or vertical installation

Construction features
• Heat exchanger: finned coil with left-hand connections reversible to right.
• 6-speed centrifugal fan connected to the terminal board.
• Structure: made of galvanised sheet steel complete with condensation drain pan with natural drainage and renewable filter.

• CXP - Recessed unit for horizontal or vertical installation (with lower inlet and upper outlet).

➔❖Additional water heating coil.
➔❖Electrical heater.
➔❖ON/OFF 2-way valves for 2 and 4-pipe-systems.
➔❖ON/OFF 3-way valves for 2 and 4-pipe-systems.
➔❖Auxiliary condensation drain pan.
➔ Motorised damper.
➔ Frame with filter (G2) that can be extracted in any direction.
➔ Outlet straight connection.
➔90° outlet and inlet connection.
➔Telescopic outlet/inlet connection.
➔ Inlet grille with filter.
➔ Outlet grille.
➔ Flanged frame for connection to intake or delivery channel.
➔Antivibration connection for connection to the inlet or outlet duct.
➔Inlet/outlet plenum with circular nozzles.

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Built-in fan coil unit YARDY-DUCT2 - Rhoss

Built-in fan coil unit YARDY-DUCT2 - Rhoss
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