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UTNV 015÷270

Built-in air treatment unit

Manufacturer Rhoss

Air conditioning and thermal ventilation terminal units.

Construction features
• Air conditioning and thermal ventilation terminal units: for vertical installation with ducting or direct entry of the ambient air.
• Structure: monobloc consisting of a treatment section and fan motor unit with a supporting frame made of extruded aluminium double chamber profiles with concealed screws, corner joints made of black nylon and reinforced glass.
• Removable double sheet panelling made of galvanised steel within and pre-painted with protective film on the outside, with interposed polyurethane foam (density 45 kg/m3) and a total thickness of 25 mm.
• Base with extruded aluminium profiles.
• Treatment section consisting of: multi-section renewable pleated filters with G3 efficiency which can be removed from the front (or the side with the KEF accessory), a finned coil heat exchanger with 2-4-6 rows in the hydronic version with right or left fittings on request and a condensate drain tray made of galvanised steel with natural drainage. On request, the hydraulic connections can be placed on the left or right side of the unit.
• Fan motor unit: with upper or front supply consisting of centrifugal double inlet fans with forward blades with an anti-vibration mount on an outlet side, three-phase motor (IP55), V-belt drive and variable pulley (up to model 080) and rubber anti-vibration mounts.

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Built-in air treatment unit UTNV 015÷270 - Rhoss

Built-in air treatment unit UTNV 015÷270 - Rhoss
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