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865 | Washbasin

Wall-mounted ceramic washbasin

Manufacturer BLEU PROVENCE

Provence '800 Collection
The choice of quality and harmony of life. Soft lines, sinuous, showing off their personilità. Made in a workmanlike manner, according to the most ancient tradition.

870 - Ceramic sink available in 65 or 70 cm with 3 possible media: column, standing on metal chrome or gold, or normal ceramic.

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 - Console ceramic washbasin 870 | Console washbasin - BLEU PROVENCE Console ceramic washbasin 870 - Washbasin cm 70 or cm 65 with pedestal by Bleu Provence.
Classic style ceramic washbasin

Classic style ceramic washbasin

Wall-mounted ceramic washbasin 865 | Washbasin - BLEU PROVENCE
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