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Aluminium gazebo

Manufacturer SELVOLINA

LIBELLULA GAZEBO - Aluminium structure for short-time events. 
• 4 pillars made of anodised aluminium tube (Ø 80 mm)
• 4 perimeter self-supporting eave gutters made of anodsed aluminium sheet. The eave gutters collect rainwaterand convey it into the supporting pillars.
• Pyramid hip roof made up of 4 anodised aluminium roundtubes (Ø 50 mm)
• Class 2 fireproof PVC certified tarpaulin. Quickly fixing system inside each eave gutter by 3/4 straps
• Standard pillars height: 2.10 m
• The structure can be disassembled.
Summer use only. Equipped with technical drawings and assembly schemes.The aluminium guide rails for side tarpaulins are fixed to thegazebo by the same screws that fix the eave gutters to the gazebo corners.A connection gutter has been designed to be positioned on the perimeter eave gutter, in order to avoid water from the top when gazebos are in a raw.
• Options:
- PVC sliding side tarpaulins equipped with guide rails, pulleysand straps
- Wave pelmet
• Ground fixing through concrete ballasts/dome-shaped plasticballasts water-filled, toggle bolts, pile shoes

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