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Fitness accessory

Manufacturer Technogym

Wellness Tools Collection
Balance, coordination and posture: with the Wellness Ball it's simple and effective to reach these goals.The Wellness Ball is made with special materials that favour perfect stability, traction and cushioning during exercises. The innovative formula in the Wellness Ball protects against bursting, ensuring safety and durability over time. The accessory can be used in many different ways for physical preparation and to perform an endless variety of exercises to stretch and relax your muscles. The destabilizing effect created by its shape will help you challenge stability through simultaneously calling upon all the muscles in your body, improving your balance, posture, strength and muscular elasticity. 

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 - Multigym WELLNESS BALL - ACTIVE SITTING - Technogym Multigym Wellness Ball, the revolutionary Technogym healthy chair, keeps you moving even when you’re sitting. Wellness Ball, designed to tackle sedentariety, moves constantly when used for sitting at work or at home and activates muscles for strength and tone, even when you are ‘still’. Technogym’s WELLNESS BALL, helps to keep the correct posture, improve muscular flexibility and tone up abdominal and legs, it can replace a standard chair at home or at work, or can be used for a complete exercise programme. The patented dual density design – the lower half is denser than the upper half - makes Wellness Ball stable enough to ensure confortable sitting yet unstable enough to engage core balance muscles. Wellness Ball is connected to Wellness on the g using the QR code, with any smartphone or tablet, it’s possible to access to video training programmes or connect to the dedicated website for help, tips and guidance to get the most out of your WELLNESS BALL.


Fitness accessory WELLNESS BALL - Technogym
Fitness accessory WELLNESS BALL - Technogym

Fitness accessory WELLNESS BALL - Technogym







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