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Solid-color velvet fabric

Manufacturer DECOBEL

Decobel rediscovers and reworks tradition in a contemporary key.
The Decobel 2013 collection is a tribute to elegance; sober, long-lasting, colours are neutral, easy to coordinate and reassuring even in their Baroque-style versions.
The Decobel 2013 collection is a declaration of love to the force of beauty, which, even in these unstable times, is capable of endurance and certainty.

ATENA 4120 is a plain velvet in cotton and Modal®, a fibre extracted from wood cellulose, a natural raw material, enhanced to the max by the very structure of the velvet. A skilful blend of the two materials, its pile is soft, pleasant to the touch and, thanks to an understated elegant sheen, as splendid as silk to look at. Its medium weight makes it perfect for both decoration and upholstery; the base in cotton blends and polyester, resistant and hard-wearing, makes it suited to heavy duty use, while its soft handle means it is pleasantly delicate against the skin. ATENA 4120 is a velvet in 24 colours; the palette sees a prevalence of naturals, warm and cold and more sober fashion shades, like peacock blue and green.
Hair: 50% CO 50%MD.
Solid-color velvet fabric ATHENA 4120 - DECOBEL

Solid-color velvet fabric ATHENA 4120 - DECOBEL
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