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HPL kitchen worktop

Manufacturer Polyrey

Polyform® Collection
Polyrey, the specialist in decorative laminated panels, has produced this new generation of work tops with enhanced performance levels that will meet the demands of every industry (communities, health, education, Regional HospitalCentres etc.). Polyform has given itself technical features that have been strengthened by an eco-certified PEFC panel and a resistant, antibacterial and high pressure laminated finish. Polyform has been developed to respond to the many work top applications (kitchens, businesses, communities etc.) and to meet the requirements of the most demanding uses (laboratory benches, counters, reception desks etc.). The quality of the substrate and the extreme properties of the HPL finish applied to work tops provide the right solution to all your internal fittings projects. Specifically designed with hygiene-sensitive places in mind, Polyform uses HPL laminate grades reinforced by silver ion treatment. This additive ensures that the material is actively protected against the development of bacteria throughout its life, despite the use of detergents and disinfectants. Polyform is thus perfect for use in health, catering and education establishments. The Polyform work tops are extremely resistant to routine aggression: made from water-repellent panels and high pressure laminates according to standard EN 438, they are resistant to damp, steam, heat up to 180°C, impact, food stains and chemical products. 

LOFT - The raw spirit produced by effects of granite stone, wood patina or aged metal, the expression of an industrial style that isvery much ‘today’. Strong character decors for sublimating a contemporary living space.

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HPL kitchen worktop CITY - Polyrey

HPL kitchen worktop CITY - Polyrey
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