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Vertically sliding industrial door

Manufacturer CAMPISA

In every workplace there exist openings which require frequent crossings, but which should remain closed to prevent the transfer of temperature, noise, humidity, pollutants or air-flow. CAMPISA puts at your disposal their design experience in producing DOMINO, the rapid vertically rising sectional roller door, capable of being activated by every type of control system. The sections automatically rise at a rate of 1 metre per second, and automatically close after a pre-selected pause. The electronic control box is completely pre-wired and factory tested, and is supplied in the top horizontal frame, and at installation stage it is sufficient to take it out and fix it in position using the electrical cables already housed in conduits. The polyester fabric panels are available on request in several colours, for a more attractive aesthetic finish. They are certified fire resistant CLASS 2.
Vertically sliding industrial door SMART DOMINO - CAMPISA

Vertically sliding industrial door SMART DOMINO - CAMPISA
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