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Mixing unit and manifold

Manufacturer I.V.A.R.

IS-BOX is a box with pre-assembled sanitary distribution manifolds, suitable for recessed installation even in bathrooms featuring tiled walls or particularly fine coating material. The main characteristics of IS-BOX are:
- Use of materials compatible with sanitary water applications (peroxide EPDM and antidezincification brass alloy);
- Compact and thin system that can be installed within standard masonry walls or plaster walls (min. thickness 60 mm), with possibility to adjust the recessed depth (58÷73 mm);
- Shut-off valves with screw seal and replaceable screws.

Further details

IS-BOX is supplied either in a base version with non-inspectable manifolds, in which the only accessible elements after masonry operations are the shut-off valves, or with removable front cover, in case you wish that the whole box, including manifolds, can be inspected even after masonry operations. In both cases it is possible to choose between the variant without knobs, in which the shut-off valves can be operated with the supplied tool only after removing the front cover plate, and the variant with visible chrome-plated knobs.

IS-BOX is available in white colour or chrome plated.
Technical features
Number of ways in domestic hot water manifold: 3
Number of ways in domestic cold water manifold: 4
Connections: G ¾'' EK
Centre distance: 40 mm
Maximum static operating pressure: 10 bar
Contact fluid: drinking water
Maximum fluid temperature: 100 °C
Manifold body: brass CW602N (DZR “CR”)
Sealing elements: Peroxide EPDM
Screw-controlled interception valve stem, body and rod: brass CW602N (DZR “CR”)
Protective box and cover: 40% talc-filled PP
Tool: PA + 30% FV
Plate: ABS, white or chrome-plated
Front cover (for versions that can be inspected only): ABS, white or chrome-plated

Related products

 - Mixing unit and manifold IS BOX PLUS MPLUS - I.V.A.R. Mixing unit and manifold To create an ideal system for hot and cold domestic water distribution, IVAR has developed two new wall fitted manifolds, IS•BOX PLUS and IS•BOX MPLUS, combining compactness and
functionality. Made in anti-dezincification brass with peroxide EPDM gaskets, the manifolds are compatible with drinking water and the inlets can be isolated by screw sealing valves and replaceable headworks.
Compared to the classic IS•BOX, the PLUS version has a number of additional ways for hot and cold water which can be customized and offers isolation valve for each single outlet. IS•BOX MPLUS is also equipped with a thermostatic blender, able to maintain constant water temperature even when infeed pressure and temperature change.
In both cases the box is supplied with removable front door, so they are accessible for inspection even after the completion of the brickworks. IS•BOX by IVAR are available in two colours (white and chrome), but their peculiarities go beyond form and style, because they are easy to install, reliable products, that offer a complete seal guarantee.

I.V.A.R. Catalogues

Mixing unit and manifold IS BOX - I.V.A.R.

Mixing unit and manifold IS BOX - I.V.A.R.
Mixing unit and manifold IS BOX - I.V.A.R.

Mixing unit and manifold IS BOX - I.V.A.R.
Mixing unit and manifold IS BOX - I.V.A.R.

Mixing unit and manifold IS BOX - I.V.A.R.
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