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2K | Wardrobe with 1 door

Sectional wooden wardrobe

Manufacturer Karl Andersson & Söner

2K Collection
Just in time for the millennium the 2K cabinet was designed as a development of the popular KA72 cabinet. The cabinets are made of blockboard finished in oak, birch or walnut veneer and a choice of eight colored lacquers. The legs are made of matt chromed steel and the handles from stainless, matt brushed steel. The appearance of the cabinets can be varied in different ways by combining open shelves and glass or wooden doors and sides with glass. If the intention is to place the cabinet away from a wall, it is necessary to order a back panel to cover the back of the cabinet. Cabinets are supplied ready assembled with adjustable screws in the leg to ensure they stand straight and steady. You can use 2K cabinets to furnish your living room, conference room, kitchen or kitchenette, library, dining room or office. They can also be used as bedside tables, side tables, TV benches etc.

Dimensions: H2062 x W450 x D360 mm.

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Sectional wooden wardrobe 2K | Wardrobe with 1 door - Karl Andersson & Söner
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