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Polyester fibre thermal insulation panel


This is a high-performing material manufactured with polyester fibers obtained from recycled plastic bottles. The product's outstanding performance, both in terms of soundproofing and thermal insulation, remains unaltered over time, because SINTHERM FR does not fear humidity and is immune to micro-organisms, mold and insects. The product is extremely easy to apply, thanks to its particular lightness and shearing simplicity; it does not release dust and even adapts to surfaces where pipelines and electric cables are installed.SINTHERM FR is compact and flexible, yet resistant.Fully recyclable, it is a nonallergenic product that does not contain toxic substances that are harmful to man. Owing to its special features, SINTHERM FR is an insulating material that fully satisfies the requirements set out by current standards on acoustic and thermal insulation in buildings, besides promoting a natural and pleasant climatic comfort inside the housing unit. Applications: Thermal and sound insulation in cavities of perimeter walls, ventilated facades, indoor walls, attics and roofing. Suitable for both new construction and to adjust sound in existing environments. Sintherm fr is the ideal product for applications that require resistance to fire. Benefits: fireproof euroclass b s2, d0: outstanding thermal acoustic features; water repellent; nonallergenic; rot-proof; light and transpiring; load-bearing panel.


Polyester fibre thermal insulation panel SINTHERM FR - MANIFATTURA MAIANO

Polyester fibre thermal insulation panel SINTHERM FR - MANIFATTURA MAIANO
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