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Wall-mounted condensation boiler

Manufacturer SILE

Condensa 5.24 Jet - Wall hung pre-mixed condensing boiler, with constant and very high efficiency working with natural gas or L.P.G. for heating and for instantaneous hot water production with microstorage. Consisting of: stainless steel boiler, sealed combustion chamber, instantaneous heat exchanger for hot water production with stainless steel microstorage with function to absorb the temperature fluctuation in the intermittency working. Electronic control: flame ionization and continuous modulation electric start until 5 KW with microprocessor SART automatic system with selection of inlet water temperature range according to the installation's demand (high or low) Electric protection IPX4D. 

SILE Catalogues

Wall-mounted condensation boiler CONDENSA 5.24 JET - SILE

Wall-mounted condensation boiler CONDENSA 5.24 JET - SILE
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