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Automatic opening system for hses

Manufacturer LUXIN

Monolux dome Collection
Monolux skylight domes are made from flat layers of polycarbonate or methacrylate using a thermo-forming process. This process involves heating and pressing the layers using female-male dies. The thermo-forming technique used has been perfected thanks to the use of avant-garde machinery managed by software with stored programmes for the different types of materials and dies used. At the end of the thermo-forming process, the moulds are trimmed inside a 5 axis cutting centre, also managed by specific programmes for each type of mould. Monolux domes are completed in the assembly department where the external surface is combined with the internal surface, making them ready for delivery.

Monolux LQ square series skylight domes are made in standard sizes which are most commonly used in prefabrication, guaranteeing high resistance against mechanical strain caused by atmospheric agents such as snow and strong wind. Opening mechanisms for square domes can be either manual or electric; they can also be fitted with a fire-proof system activated by smoke and heat sensors. Square domes can be supplied with galvanised sheet metal bases, or pre-painted in white with simple or insulated walls. Opening frames are in aluminium.

AMLQ - Square manual opening constituted by frame and counter frame in extruded aluminium, natural alloy UNI6060, assembled for caulking, complete with gasket seal, aluminium hinge, stainless steel rivets and screws. The opening mechanism can be supplied with a spring latch opening for human passage or with worm screws. The spring latch element in galvanised steel, supporting brackets in galvanised steel and two gas springs, can only be mounted internally and are activated by manually accessing the dome. The worm screw (300 mm run) can be actioned using a mobile rod with hook (length 2 - 2.5 - 3 metres), supporting brackets in anodised aluminium.

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 - Dome rooflight LQ - LUXIN Dome rooflight The square base monolux skylight dome LQ can be made from various materials: compact polycarbonate PC with simple or double walls, extruded methacrylate PMMA with simple or double walls, honeycomb polycarbonate with reinforced multiple walls. Assembled during fabrication, domes are supplied complete with gaskets in espansolene and zinc plated steel screws. In PC and PMMA, the dome can be supplied either transparent (light transmission 92% with direct light - beam of light) or opal (light transmission 50% simple wall, 46% double wall in PC with UV ray protection and 68% simple wall, 67% double wall in PMMA).

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Automatic opening system for hses AMLQ - LUXIN

Automatic opening system for hses AMLQ - LUXIN
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