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Manufacturer Bft

Safety devices Collection
Pair of photocells FL Net.

Related products

 - Photocells RFL - Bft Photocells Flat reflection photocell for external application, nominal activation distance 12 m, power 24Vac/dc. The photocell considerably simplifies the installation operation: a single transmitter/receiver is connected to the power supply.
 - Photocells CELLULA 130 - Bft Photocells Flat self-aligning photocell receiver/transmitter pair for external application, range up to 30 m with 24 Vac/dc power supply.
 - Photocell receiver/transmitter CELLULA 50 - Bft Photocell receiver/transmitter Photocell receiver/transmitter pair, range up to 30 m, power supply from 24 V ac to 31 V ac.

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Photocells FL NET - Bft

Photocells FL NET - Bft
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