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Automatic barrier

Manufacturer Bft

Road barriers Collection
Road barrier. 24V electromechanical operator for very intensive use for clear openings up to 3 m, with provision for metal object detector.Built-in encoder-managed limit switch and manual operation with release key; anti-crush system managed by on-board control panel, with built-in radio-receiver; pre-drilled enclosure to ease accessories installation. Opening time 2 sec, including slow down.

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 - Automatic barrier MOOVI - Bft Automatic barrier Road barrier. Available in several versions, for openings from 3 to 5 m and speeds from 1.5 to 8 s. Supplied with a wide range of accessories. Internal ventilation system. Fast release with personalised key. Predrilled frame to allow simpler installation of the accessories.

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Automatic barrier MOOVI BT - Bft

Automatic barrier MOOVI BT - Bft
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