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Handmade rug with floral pattern

Manufacturer Sirecom Tappeti

Groupie Collection
The art of weaving and hand knotting, has brought forth the production of countless precious carpets and kilims that have accompanied entire generations through the centuries. The inspiration to colour and/or recompose old carpets, has led to the creation of the stunning GROUPIE collection. Sirecom traces the most interesting and suitable examples to create completely new artifacts. In our workshop in Istanbul, under the meticulous supervision of Edit Lusarar, an expert in the field of textiles and colouring, the fragments of material are carefully treated, dyed and assembled entirely by hand. With the same commitment and passion with which the Groupies of the 60s accompanied their favourite rock stars, so the Sirecom team blows life into "groups" of fragments of history and millenary tradition.

Old: the integral colouring of these carpets express todays fashionable chromatic trends, whilst their ancient origins are still perceptible thanks to the "see through" effect. Availability of sizes and colours upon request.

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Handmade rug with floral pattern

Handmade rug with floral pattern

Handmade rug with floral pattern OLD - Sirecom Tappeti
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