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ATELIER | Kitchen with island

Corex® kitchen with island

Manufacturer Aster Cucine

Atelier Collection
With a complex image able to both catch our interest and show us its full potential. Here we see something truly unusual and never before seen, a scenario that goes beyond a mere photo shot, Atelier demands to be looked at, in recognition of its true creativity.The ATELIER collection is open to real needs and welcomes art, repaying what it owes with fragments with true concision.Atelier paints a picture that draws the eye to it, and demands to be looked at over and over again, so that those who look carefully can read stories of passion, conflict and harmony. Atelier, with a simplicity to its lines that carries the true sense of its philosophy.So that it truly belongs to a world of men and passions that are always new.

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Corex® kitchen with island

Corex® kitchen with island

Corex® kitchen with island ATELIER | Kitchen with island - Aster Cucine
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