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KITE | Pendant lamp

Pendant lamp

Manufacturer arturo alvarez

Kite Collection
The designer Arturo Álvarez has developed for his brand a collection of lamps in his star proprietary material, metal mesh with pigmented silicone. This material lets you create different textures that can provide you with several beautiful lighting grades. White, yellow, grey, black and orange finishes are available upon request. It can be washed with water and mild soap, it makes amazing volumes feasible and it is very pleasant to the touch. Pendant lamp: KITE. Two irregular and rounded shapes dress the walls and ceilings in a whimsical but controlled way. As kites in the sky, they fill the space whit a warm and joyfull light. Finishes: Silicone. Bulb: G5, 4 X 24W


Pendant lamp KITE | Pendant lamp - arturo alvarez

Pendant lamp KITE | Pendant lamp - arturo alvarez
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